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Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance of China

The Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance of China (IDAC) was founded in Hangzhou on October 11, 2014. IDAC is supported by Zhejiang University, with Yuxiang Lu, an academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, serving as president, and Yunhe Pan, another academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, serving as vice president. With the mission of enhancing innovation design capability, IDAC actively addresses the innovation design needs of the manufacturing industry, innovative design enterprises, and regional pillar industries, aiming to form industrial core competitiveness and influence, and ultimately propelling the advancement of the Chinese brand industry and bolstering regional economic development.

IDAC was initiated by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and Zhejiang University. It has established partnerships with more than 50 large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as over 40 universities, research institutes, industry associations, and media organizations. These partnerships span a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, aviation, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, vehicles, chemicals, power, heavy industry, home appliances, information networks, logistics, and design services. IDAC’s strategic goal is to advance the significant role of innovative design in China's innovation-driven development and cultivate an encouraging environment wherein innovation design is highly regarded, respected, supported, and embraced by society as a whole. Moreover, it places great emphasis on cultivating innovative design personnel, developing and openly sharing innovative design resources, as well as facilitating the transformation and promotion of innovative design achievements. It aims to promote the development of exceptional design, distinguished brands, and outstanding products in China, making China a hub for innovative design with significant global influence.